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February 14, 2018

Healthcare & Human Services

Directions: Using the following guidance, you will create a presentation of 8-10 slides (not including the title slide or reference slide)
Human service professionals are active in advocating for policy development and improvement. They help to create positive change in the health and well being of our society. Imagine you are charged with evaluating and making recommendations for a healthcare policy. Create a slide presentation 8-10 slides in length (not including the title slide or reference slide) that includes the following (you can refer to the text(s) and visit the websites provided in this and previous modules to assist with your research):
1.Choose a policy and include its historical background. Examples include Medicaid, Medicare, Affordable Care Act, etc.
2.What population does the healthcare policy currently serve?
3.Would you make changes to the population served i.e. age, gender, etc.? Why or why not?
4.Does the policy currently provide access to middle and lower income families? If so, how? If not, which income level does the policy serve?
5.What recommendations and/or additions would you include to increase access for middle and lower income families?
6.Which healthcare agencies currently use the plan – hospitals, community agencies, free clinics, etc.?
7.Would you recommend additional healthcare agencies adopt this policy? Why or why not?
8.Include suggestions for the future. How could the policy be improved overall in the future? Consider changes in our environment, the changes in the diversity of population, future income level of families and other trends predicted for society.

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