Monitoring Toddlers with Technology
February 14, 2018

Enterprise of I.T.

There are 3 questions on this assignment. Write 600 word answers for each question. Be sure and cite your references, including uploaded textbook. Examples can be used to support your answers.
Question #1:
The article “IT Doesn’t Matter” by Nicholas G. Carr from the May, 2003 Harvard Business Review is available here:
Read all parts of the article carefully. After you understand Carr’s arguments, find at least one article that presents an opposite view. You may use Internet searches to do this, but find an article from a high quality source.
In no more than two or three paragraphs, take the position of the “prosecuting attorney,” i.e. of Mr. Carr. Summarize and defend Carr’s arguments using material from the essay and also material from your outside reading. Then, in another two or three paragraphs, present the opinion of the “defense attorney,” using material from one or more articles that present the opposing view. Finally, play the role of the judge and, in two or three more paragraphs, render a decision.
Tell which point of view is the correct one and why. You may quote from your articles. Be sure to cite your sources when you do that. Use APA style in your answers. Please note – a “good” essay will clearly present two distinct sides of the argument and a ruling. Regardless of which side you favor, you must clearly and succinctly present an opposing side.
Question #2:
Explain 2-3 advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. Cite your sources. What are 2-3 cultural changes an IT organization would have to make to transition from a technology-oriented to a service-oriented organization?
Question #3:
Read the case study at and analyze the management of CareGroup’s CIO John Halamka. Use the analysis presented in Chapter 9 of your text (starting on page 177) as a guide to describe strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned for the Beth Israel case. Remember to appropriately cite all sources, including uploaded text

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