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February 14, 2018
February 14, 2018

English and Literature

The Annotated Reading and Critical Response assignment has four components (format your annotation with these headings):
1. Ask Three Questions–for each of the chapters in these pages, formulate a central question about the chapter for your classmates to answer
2. Draw Connections + Conclusions–for each of the chapters, make connections between the chapters. How might they relate to each other and what is your support for your feelings?
3. Paraphrase Significant Passages–for each chapter, pick one passage of 3-5 sentences that seems to you significant for that chapter. Quote it in full. Then, paraphrase the passage you picked in approximately the same amount of words.
4. New Vocabulary Words–pick two words for each chapter that are new to you. Write down the word, define it from the dictionary, and then use it in an original sentence that shows you understand the word’s meaning. Remember to put quotation marks around direct quotations from the dictionary if you quote directly!
Please post your response here in this Discussion Board Topic. After you post, respond to at least one classmate’s response, answering one of the posed questions and commenting on the use of MLA source citation.
Need Some Help? For support on active reading, read pp. 21-6 in Academic Research and Writing as well as the following sites:
Image result for the dew breaker
Discussion 2; Analyzing & Recording Options Menu: Forum
View: “Interview with Edwidge Danticat” at
Read: Sargasso’s “An Interview with Edwidge Danticat” at
Write: Using the strategies suggested on pp. 102-111 in Academic Research and Writing (especially, pp. 108-111), compose a two-paragraph summary that you will record of the two sources above – the video interview at the University of Miami, and the transcript of the interview from Sargasso. Avoid making judgements about the author, interviewer or setting of the interviews and focus your attention on communicating the purpose and central claims of the interviews.
Visualize: After you have read the pages assigned this week for The Dew Breaker (see Discussion Board topic 5), locate an image (photograph, meme, still from a video, etc.) online that represents the central theme(s) or message of the first part of Danticat’s novel. Using the guidelines at, write “alternative text” for the image you’ve selected that you will record.
Recording Assignment to Narrate: Using the recording feature on your mobile device or free audio software at, recite and record:
a. The summary you’ve written about the first-part of Danticat’s novel
b. Discuss the reasons you think the online image you’ve chosen represent one or more themes from the first part of Danticat’s novel and read the alternative text you’ve developed.
c. Describe how you think a sources (images, sound files and written documents) communicate meaning,separately and then when combined.
Notes: Your recording should be no longer than 5-6 minutes, so a good idea is to make an informal outline/notes (you don’t need to submit this) and practice recording a few times to make certain you stay under the maximum length. If you would like to, upload a video rather than a sound file of your recording.

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