Monitoring Toddlers with Technology
February 14, 2018


23 READING SUMMARIES (3 points each 60+ points total): Students are responsible for creating a 1 page outline (single spaced) for each class reading. Reading outlines are due the class the assigned reading will be covered noted by the course schedule below. Students are still responsible to turn in their reading summary even if they miss class. Late reading summaries will not be accepted. During absences, students should email me their reading summary that same day. Each summary should at least contain a Notes, Reaction, and Questions section:
1) Notes (1 point): covering all of the assigned readings (including key concepts, terms and historical events relevant to social and criminal justice). Use headings and subheadings from the reading to help your organization and facilitate grading. It should be apparent that you did the reading. Do not use the summaries at the end of each chapter in the textbook.
2) Reaction (1point): (What is your reaction to the readings? How do the readings connect to, or conflict with, something else you know or have observed?). This section should be at least a few sentences and should provide substantial commentary on the readings. This is your chance to discuss your analysis of the reading.
3) Questions (1 point): (What questions does the reading leave you with? Was anything unclear?). To receive the 1 point, you must have at least one question. More questions are encouraged but are optional.
To receive full points, outlines must include all 3 sections and must not be copied and pasted from texts available electronically. These summaries should both facilitate class discussion and be helpful when writing the course essays and final paper.

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